About us

How did it all start?
IVRA Electronics BV was founded in 2012 as a Dutch subsidiary of REICH GmbH in Eschenburg, Germany. REICH wanted to diversify and was looking for possibilities to add batteries and battery chargers to their expertise. The current IVRA Electronics team was already working in the field of mobility products and was looking for a partner so they could expand their business. The combination of the two was mutually beneficial and turned out to be a great success.

The markets we focus on with our products are rehabilitation and caravans. We research and develop battery chargers, battery testing systems and IoT products. With our products we make sure that devices such as scooters are more reliable and that their batteries last longer.
Apart from these primary products we also develop specific electronic solutions for REICH and the caravan business that they operate in. Examples are the electronics for caravan movers and an anti-swerving system.   

Production process
We develop and sell all of products ourselves. The actual production process is the only part handled by our EU partners. The finished products are send to our distribution Centre in Germany. From there, we make sure that the products are send to our clients.

About Reich GmbH

REICH GmbH was founded by Walther Reich and Helmuth Bender in 1975. REICH started out as a small company working on control technology for heaters in the object area. Throughout the years their field of work expanded. Today, they are experts on complete systems - from fresh and waste water supply and measuring and control technology to electronic supply and control in caravans.

Connection (of cooperation) between REICH GmbH and IVRA Electronics

At REICH’s research department the focus is mostly on the development of hardware. For example, which materials to use. At IVRA Electronics we focus on electronics and software solutions. The combination provides a complete solution to go carvanning even more safely and comfortably. 

For more information about REICH GmbH visit their website.

About us