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c-Go 24V Battery chargers

What should I do if the orange LED on the c-Go charger is blinking?

Besides the blinking of the LED, you probably also hear a clicking sound coming from the charger. This might indicate that there is a poor connection between the charger and the battery. As a result, the XLR charging plug in the scooter might need to be replaced. However, in some cases this could be the result of a broken battery.

What should I do if both the green and yellow LED of the c-Go charger are o

Fully disconnect the charger and wait for 20 seconds. Then reconnect and restart the charger. If both the LED’s are still on, please contact your supplier.

What should I do if both the orange and green LED of the c-Go charger are blinking?

When an error occurs, both LED’s blink several times followed by a small break. The number of blinks refers to the type of error. Please refer to the manual, page 7.

Can the c-Go charger stay connected to the scooter even if I don’t use the scooter for some time?

Yes, preferably. By keeping the charger connected it prevents the battery from a deep discharge which damages the battery irreversibly.

What are the costs of electricity per year for my scooter?

This depends on how often and for how long the scooter is used. Example: If you take out the scooter every day and drive for 10 km it will cost you approximately 0,4 kWh. As the electricity price is €0,30 per 1kWh this results in €0,12 per day. This will cost you €44,00 per year.

Is it possible to use the c-Go charger outside as well?

We recommend you not to use the charger outside as it is not fully waterproof.

Do I need to charge my scooter every day?

If you drive your scooter every single day we recommend that you connect it to the charger when you get back home. It can stay connected until you use it again the next day.

Can I stop the recharge cycle of the battery of my scooter when it’s not completely finished?

It is possible, however, we strongly discourage this. Once you start charging your battery, we recommend you to finish the charging cycle. Complete charging cycles increases the lifespan of your battery and keeps it in a better state.

Can the c-Go charger be plugged into the power socket before I plug it into the scooter?

This is possible if you have a GEL or AGM battery. If you have a lithium battery you have to connect the charger to the scooter first, before you can put the plug into the power socket.

c-Go Battery charger read-out software and cable

What is the purpose of the c-Go analysis software?

The purpose of the c-Go analysis software is a read out of the system logs of the charger.

What information do I get from the c-Go analysis software?

  •  A table containing information of the last charging cycles (time, amount of Ah, complete/incomplete cycle, error code, etc.)
  • A table with the last 10 error codes
  • Additional cumulative data of various kind

How do I connect the cable in order to do a read-out of the c-Go battery charger?

On the charger, below the charging cable you will find a sticker. Remove this sticker, here you will find a socket for the cable. The connector has small copper pins which needs to be pointed up when inserting the connector. For more information please refer to the manual.

How can I install the c-Go analysis software on my computer?

By executing the setup program that is included with the cable

Can the c-Go analysis software automatically analyze all the information?

No, only part of the information available can be automatically analyzed. For more information please refer to the manual.

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