renewed and improved c-Go Battery Test System (BTS)

From December 2022 onwards we present to you our renewed and improved c-Go Battery Test System (BTS). The c-Go BTS will make 12V and 24V battery tests and/or reconditioning easy and efficient. The device has a 7” touchscreen and intuitive menu which make the device easy to use. To run a test just connect the cables and temperature sensor to the battery, set the right testing parameters and press start. Our device will do the rest for you. The Battery Test System is able to test both lead-acid (Gel/AGM) and lithium batteries and show a detailed report on the 7” touchscreen when the test is completed. The results can be written to a flash drive.

The results and the real time data can also be transmitted to a PC/laptop by a USB cable, for detailed analysis.

An additional feature of this battery test system is the ability to test 12V and 24V chargers. The necessary cable to use this feature is optional and can be bought from your BTS supplier if needed. This option is added so we can offer you a total solution for your battery and charger testing.

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